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Ceramic Pots

We customize every Season!

Colorful Spring

We begin delivery of our spring planters as soon as we have a frost-free forecast in hand.

As the daylight hours stretch longer and longer, it's time to swap out the Fall cool breeze flowers with a wide variety of heat-loving plants. Bold, tropical foliage in rich hues of burgundy, orange, and chartreuse overflow the container while varieties of lantana, petunia, calibrachoa, and angelonia flower profusely. Spring deliveries begin in mid-April.

Fall Fun

Fall deliveries begin late-September and Early-October.Those first cool breezes herald the arrival of Fall and planters made to suit. Wispy grasses, seed pods, ornamental cabbage and kale, peppers, mums, and rare varieties of pansy create the bountiful, harvest aesthetic so characteristic of autumn. Our cold-tolerant planting schemes ensure that your arrangements last through the frost.

Holiday Cheer

Christmas Decorating Checklist

So, you have the Christmas Tree up. The roof lights are up. But what about those dreary pots? Don't let the dormancy of Winter hold back your Holiday Cheer! Relax. Let us customize this Season's Greeting that your entry way lacks... and don't forget the patio! Call us early so you can be on time for your Holiday Cheer!

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