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Please review the often asked questions below. Hopefully they'll answer many of your questions. However, if they don't..just give us a call 405-443-8103

Lawn Mowing service related:

How much do you charge?

Service prices vary greatly based on the size of the lot and the technical factors (obstacles). Generally, lawn service prices start at $45.00 and go up from there.

How often do you mow?

All residential lawns are mowed on a weekly schedule only. Some of our acreage or commercial clients are bi-weekly ( every 2 weeks). However, if the grass is continually high we will contact the client and switch to a weekly schedule. Please keep in mind, we have excellent equipment and pride ourselves in maintaining that equipment as well as your lawn. If a conflict arises between frequency and maintaining reasonable mowing practices, we may refuse service. We do not utilize 10 day service schedules.

Do you come on the same day each time?

We do our best to keep our clients on a tight schedule. However, weather plays a significant role in our schedules. Wet conditions may warrant skipping a service and/or moving services closer together ( less than 7 days apart ) to accommodate scheduling.

Will you call before you service the lawn?

Due to the amount of clients it will be virtually impossible to set exact appointment times or to call ahead. If gates are kept locked, we will need the location of a key/ or combination of the gate lock.

How do I pay for lawn service?

Commercial clients are billed monthly, generally, and business checks are accepted. For our residential clients, we keep your credit card info on file and bill that card each time as a service is performed. An email receipt will be sent to you each week. All card information is kept secured.

Are you insured?

Yes. 2,000,000 general liability. Proof of insurance available on request.

Do you have contracts?

Some of our clients that have higher amounts of monthly services (such as landscape services) will require contract agreements with scope of work/cost descriptions. Commercial clients are generally on contract as well, but not always. Landscape service agreements and landscape installation will always be on contract.

Do you do 'one-time' mowing?

We do not do one-time mowing service because it interferes with scheduling for our repeat clients. We also do not perform rough-cuts or one-time Spring clean-up mowing service due to heightened risk of equipment damage.

Do you maintain flowerbeds and check sprinklers?

Yes. We are a full service lawn care company which provides many services. Different packages can be customized to accommodate your specific needs.

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